Warranties to be checked while buying timber floors

Warranties to be checked while buying timber floors

Timber floors signify an excellent mix of sophistication, style and traditional feel. Manufacturers in Melbourne design various types of engineered woods with different wearing rates.

Buying timber floorsAccording to statistics if a floor wears 10% in the first year and 20% in the second year and so on then it is termed as normal wear. To buy floors that are prone to wear, make sure you check the warranty before buying.

Let’s check out the warranties associated with timber floors:

Finish warranty: This warranty is related with the lack of finish adhesion. This has to be checked with the seller and would be of specific time period prior to the date of expiration. This means the floor should be free of any cracks, stain, pinhole or non uniform adhesion.

Structural warranty: This warranty deals with the assurance of structural integrity of the wooden floors. It ensures that the floor would not de-laminate. Most manufacturers give a life time warranty for the structure of the timber floors.

Bond warranty: when you need to glue down the floor on the sub floor, you must check for the bond warranty. manufacturers give surety only for their recommended adhesives. Only branded adhesives given in the list of manufacturer should be used and the guidelines given should be followed to exercise this warranty.

Moisture warranty: It is related with the moisture content absorbed by the timber floors from its sub floor. It is the assurance of least deflection of moisture through the wood floor finish. It comes into picture only if one applies correct moisture barrier.

Wear warranty: For a wide scope of problems this warranty is given by the manufacturers. It relates to the wearing of wood plus lot of other problems of engineered timber floors. This assurance you must check from the dealer so that your floors have a lasting lifetime.

Check for all these warranties while you buy timber floors. It would be the best help in maintaining these floors and will save you a lot of money. So, when you buy flooring solutions, don’t forget to get all of these.

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