What is Timber Flooring?

What is Timber Flooring?

Timber Flooring is, simply a way to enhance the beauty, look and feel of your home/office. To be more precise, timber flooring is wooden flooring method. It is somewhat as equal as wooden flooring but a little different than it in a way that timber floor is made from recycled wood boards.

Timber Flooring is also known as barn board flooring or plank flooring and it is one of the most popular ways of decorating and enhancing the beauty of homes and offices. Timber Flooring is a rich looking and affordable way of flooring used as structural flooring.

Timber flooring is often described as planking because it has distinctive features like the width of the boards used. Sometimes barn boards may be in the range of 10, 12, or even up to 28 inches in width. This is especially true of reclaimed timber that was originally used as flooring in its first incarnation.

Apart from this feature, timber floors are immediately distinctive by the width of the planking, the weathered patina, and the distinguishing grain. Reclaimed pine flooring will usually be knotty, and lightly cracked, with a particularly attractive slightly raised grain and, often different board widths. Reclaimed chestnut is prized as flooring for its rarity, and run of color, from light coffee to rich chocolate. Additionally, chestnut is a very hard, durable wood, able to withstand the punishment a typical wood floor must often endure.

Usually, timber flooring is available at specialty lumber yards, or through independent flooring contractors. However, there are a respectable number of small distributors who will “harvest” reclaimed wood, and re-sell it, un-milled, for a reasonable cost directly to the homeowner. Many homeowners enjoy re-finishing their own recycled wood, and are able to fashion and finish it to suite their exact expectations.

Benefits of Timber Flooring

There are a number of big advantages of installing and using timber floors around your place like home or office.


One of the biggest benefits of using timber floor is its durability. Timber Floors are by nature very long lasting materials. They can be used for considerably a long period of time.


Timber Floors are really very sustainable by nature. They are capable of sustaining the beauty and the basic qualities for such a long time even in some inconvenient conditions and whether.

Variety and Affordability

Timber Floor is available in a wide range of design, pattern and size. Another big plus point is its affordability. It does not cost too much. In fact, it is capable of giving sufficient returns of budget spent on it by enhancing the look and feel of your place.

Another great benefit of timber floors is that you can install it at your place at your own! Yes, it is true. By using proper tools and with extra care and skills, you can easily get the timber floors installed at your place.

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