Why Carpet Underlay Is Important?

Why Carpet Underlay Is Important?

Most people who go out to buy Carpets in Melbourne, generally overlook importance of underlay and don’t invest much time in choosing carpet underlay. This is so because many people think that since it is laid under the carpet, it has no or little value and so doesn’t need to spend much time and money on it. If this is what you think, then you need to read further and we bet once you are done, you’ll be ready to spend some considerable amount of time and money on choosing underlay for your carpet.

Why underlay is important?

If you are still wondering why carpet underlay is needed or why it is important, here are few reasons:

  • Carpet underlay works as a noise absorber and helps your carpet insulate greater volume of noise.
  • Carpet underlay establishes a soft layout for carpet and thus when you walk over carpet, you feel more softness and comfort.
  • Underlay protects carpet against cold bare floors in winter.
  • A perfectly chosen underlay gives your feet great cushioning effects when you walk over carpet. This way it serves two purposes simultaneously: Giving you a comfortable and cushioning walking effect and enhancing your carpets’ life.

Various types of underlay

There are varieties of carpet underlay available in the market. There is rubber underlay as well as there is foam underlay and felt underlay too. Let’s see each type in details now.

  • Rubber carpet underlay is one of the most expensive but one of the finest quality underlay. Rubber carpet underlay provides better durability, breath and cushioning effects to carpet and hence they are considered to be best in their class.
  • Another useful type of underlay is ‘felt’ underlay which is probably cheaper type of carpet underlay. The felt underlay is constructed from materials like fabrics and wool. However, even though it is cheap in price, it is not that much used today.
  • Foam underlay is seen as a more affordable option to costly rubber carpet underlay. Foam underlay is both cheap in cost and eco-friendly in quality as it is made using recycled materials.

Latest trends indicate that apart from these traditional types, there are now timber underlay and vinyl underlay made using materials like vinyl flooring and timber flooring.

Disclaimer: As we are not aware of your exact situation, please take this advice general only. Each situation may be different, and accordingly specific solutions may be tailored. Contact us for assistance in relation to any specific situation.

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