How to Install Hybrid Flooring?

How to Install Hybrid Flooring?

Hybrid floorings are an innovative home option that combines the rigidness and scratch-resistance of laminate with vinyl’s waterproofness. Hybrid floors have become popular due to their durability as well as several benefits making them a great choice for many homeowners – not just those looking into upgrading or adding new types of materials within their homes.

From their popularity in recent years to all they come equipped with as far durability goes; this particular type of material will be sure not only to make your house stand out but also to last through time. It’s got everything you want on a home floor – it’s durable, waterproof and provides good comfort underfoot while still being easy on your budget.

You’ve made your decision to choose hybrid flooring for your interior, but how to install them correctly? Here’s a guide with 4 simple steps, all you need is your DIY skills and the right equipment.

How to Install?

Hybrid floors are a great way to save time and money. You’ll need to make sure your subfloor is levelled before installing, but these floating floors will hide any imperfections without denting through. Hybrid floors are easy to install, all you need is a few tools, patience and dedication.

Step 1: Plan the Installation

It’s wise to plan your installation on paper before doing anything. On all the sides and ends, leave a 6 to 10mm expansion gap to accommodate the size variation of the floor planks during temperature fluctuations, if installing more than 10 meters, we recommend using expansion joints. For installation, you will need to cut some planks. Draw your cutting lines out first. Always wear safety gloves and glasses.

Keep the following tools handy:

  • Hammer
  • A vinyl suitable saw
  • Measuring tape
  • Safety Glasses
  • A bevel
  • Cleaning Material
  • A rope
  • Gloves
  • A pencil
  • Levelling Compound
  • A quick installation set (a pull-bar, spacers, tapping block)

Step 2: Prepare Your Floor

First, inspect your subfloor. It must be stable, levelled and clean. Before installation, remove the existing flooring. Clean and dry the subfloor. Check if any repairs are needed or if an old adhesive needs to be removed.

Step 3: Install New Hybrid Flooring

Unpack your planks and mix them to avoid laying identical patterns and colour variations too close together. First, count how many full rows of the plank are required. You may count by dividing the width of the room by the width of a plank. Make a light mark where you’ll place the last full plank. Mix up your planks to prevent laying identical colour variations and patterns next to each other.

Now, begin with the longest wall in your area by laying your first row of hybrid planks. Alternate this arrangement in such a manner that end joints of consecutive rows are never in line. Leave at least 30 cm between them.

For the second row, secure the plank into the first plank of the first row and keep the process going. The last plank must be 5 cm wide to ensure easy installation.

Step 4: Finishing The Installation

When you are satisfied with the layout, remove the wedges, spacers and finish with the skirting boards. Lastly, clear the area and clean the flooring.

Hybrid flooring

Benefits of Hybrid Flooring

Water Resistant:The beauty of hybrid flooring is that you can use it pretty much anywhere due to its water-resistant feature! Hybrid flooring is 100% waterproof and hence, it is the perfect alternative when you cannot install laminate in wet areas like bathrooms or laundry rooms. This material also facilitates maintenance easier than others do because it resists moisture more efficiently – meaning less work maintaining cleanliness as time goes by!

Easy Installation:The benefits of installing hybrid flooring throughout your entire home include a clean and fresh look, as well as consistency. The aesthetic is seamless for all layouts – from traditional homes to modern open plan living spaces!

Appealing Home Interior:We all love the look and feel of real wood floors, but sometimes we need something with additional benefits. That is where hybrid vinyl comes in! These hybrid surfaces come in many different colours, styles, patterns – whatever you’re looking for! It’s like having your favourite material without any drawbacks at all-it provides comfort while being sound absorbent too.

Budget-friendly:Hybrid vinyl flooring are affordable when it comes to price. Hybrid floors are the perfect alternative to timber if you’re on a budget. With plastic used instead of wood, these designs still maintain durability but at less than half price.

Easy to Care:Cleaning your hybrid vinyl planks is easy! Just use a damp mop, and you’ll be done in no time. You do not need fancy treatments and cleaners to keep it clean. Regular vacuuming the floor will do the trick.

Comfort:Hybrid floors are a great choice for your home. Because of the layers, they offer you a softer sound and cushion underfoot.

Fade Resistant:It won’t be damaged by direct heat like other surfaces or expand with seasonal temperature changes, making it an affordable choice for all types of homes.

Tips to Maintain Your Hybrid Flooring After Installation

  1. When moving heavy furniture or appliances across hybrid flooring, avoid dragging or pushing lest you create scratches or gouges.
  2. If you need to drag or push any item, it is recommended to use a mat or towel beneath it for smooth movement. It will prevent any scratches and protect the flooring.
  3. Not enough people know that heavy furniture can damage the flooring even when it is stationary. To protect your floor, install rubber floor protectors under your large and heavy household items. If your furniture is on wheels, ensure that the wheels are suitable for a vinyl floor.
  4. Avoid exposing your hybrid floors to intense heat, such as cigarette ash, which can cause permanent marks that damage the floor.
  5. To avoid the build-up of dirt and grime, sweep or vacuum your hybrid floors regularly. Remember doing so without the beater bar engaged to prevent accidental scratches.
  6. All spills should be wiped up immediately. Avoid using harsh scrubbing tools or cleaners on your floors when cleaning spills.

If you’re looking for a beautiful range of hybrid flooring, visit our website today or call us on 1300069340.

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