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Laminate flooring is a multi-layer synthetic flooring product bonded together with a lamination method. Laminate floors can be made to mimic wood or stone with a graphical (for decorative purposes) layer placed under a clear shielding layer. The inner core sheets are typically melamine resin and fibre board materials.Following are the various types and styles of waterproof Laminate Floors available. Mike’s Carpet aims to provide stylish and high-quality floorings to all its customers in Melbourne and other cities of Australia.

Types of laminates

Over the years, It has proven itself a state-of-the-art yet affordable substitute to typical hardwood flooring.

Mike’s Carpet Discounters is a provider of flooring solutions like timber flooringvinyl flooring and carpets in Melbourne. Mike’s Carpet caters to domestic, commercial, and industrial flooring needs and is an important part of Victoria’s flooring business, helping customers from Dandenong, Frankston, Carrum Downs, Mornington Peninsula, Glen Waverley, Camberwell and Rosebud

The laminates we offer are eye pleasing and are available in the variety of colours and grains. They are less prone to dents and stain, and are, thus, the perfect choice for lively families with young children or pets.
A piece of Laminate Flooring is Normally Consist of the Following Layers:
1) Tread Layer: This layer is stain resistant, extremely durable and has the transparent finish.

2) Decorative Layer: This layer is actually the face of the flooring. It has a rich graphical appearance to make the laminate mimic either hardwood flooring or stone flooring. Mike’s Carpet stocks “decorative layers” of various grain styles and colours.

3) Fibreboard Core: The fibreboard core offers high level of resistance and solidity

4) Bottom Layer: The bottom layer is strengthened with melamine core physical strength and moisture resistance.

These four layers—Bottom Layer, Fibreboard Core, Decorative Layer, and Tread Layer—are bonded together with the lamination process into an extremely dense surface. The surface, depending upon the decorative layer used, can be made to resemble hardwood flooring. However, unlike hardwood flooring, which it resembles, it hardly contains anything remotely wood. The third and the fourth layer, on the other hand, are much more durable than any piece of hardwood.
Laminate Floors Melbourne have a number of Advantages Over Traditional Flooring:

It is light, durable
It can be made to mimic any type of expensive flooring: hardwood, stone, or tile
Easier to install
Moisture, stain, dent and scratch resistant
Easy to clean—wipe to clean otherwise nasty stains: enamel, grease and mustard
Laminate is an ecologically feasible flooring option, repeatedly made with recycled supplies and requires no harvesting of trees

A Few Instruction Cleaning Laminate Floors:

Use a no-wax cleaner
Regular soaps, shampoo, and other wax products dull the flooring

Laminate Flooring: For a dazzling appeal
It comes as a great way to enhance the look and feel of your property. The most attractive part about Flooring is that the laminate holds a dazzling appearance and are affordable in cost. They are widely preferred for homes and offices in Melbourne and other parts of Australia.

Another fabulous thing about Laminate Floors Melbourne is that they are available in a wide range of designs, styles and colours. The majority of people who buy it in Australia prefer simple yet decent looking designs of its solutions for homes and offices.

Mike’s Carpet at Your Aid

We at Mike’s Carpet, the stock latest and high-quality range of premium waterproof laminate flooring for homes and offices. Stunning design, high quality, durability and economic price range are the salient features of our widely popular solutions.

Installing Flooring from Mike’s Carpet, you get:

Premium Quality
Economical price
High durability
Wide range of styles and patterns
Manufacturers warranty
Easy installation
Easy maintenance
Eco-Friendly touch

If you are looking for an efficient, elegant and economic alternative to flooring is a matchless choice! Have questions about how to and where to buy in Melbourne, Australia? Contact us and we will be happy to help! For authentic Herringbone, Chevron, Parquetry and wholesale laminate flooring prices, call us on 1300 069 340 today.

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