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While choosing the type of finish and color for a laminate flooring itis important to consider the interior décor. Dark colors on matte finish are ideal for high foot-traffic areas while light colors with glossy finish can reflect more natural light and provide a more spacious effect on the room. The glossy finishing also provides a smooth step for the foot. The color and finish can be chosen to blend-in or standout with the wall colors and furniture in the room depending on your style.
The beauty of a natural timber flooring remains a luxury for many. Laminate flooring enables to get the aesthetic looks of a natural timber floor on a more affordable price. Sometimes depending on the wood, the HDF laminate boards can endure wear and tear better.The laminates also offer better stain and fade resistance. This is a great choice for a house with lot of foot traffic such as hallways and lounge rooms etc. This also remains a popular choice for investment properties due to its ease of maintenance and durability.
laminate const A laminate floor is a budget friendly floating floor that is manufactured using glued HDF (High-Density Fibre) planks. Most often these are click-locked and are supported by an underlay. At Mikes Carpet we offer a range of underlay options that vary in thickness and insulation in compliance with BCA standards and fire rating requirements of different Body Corporates. Different manufacturers adopt different methods to manufacture the laminate floor boards. Most of them include three main layers:
  • Wear Layer: This is the top-most transparent layer that is primarily designed to withstand scratches and regular wear and tear.
  • Design Layer: This layer lies underneath the wear layer and depicts the photographic imitation of timber
  • Core Layer: This layer consists of the HDF core that provides the structural strength to the floor.
Laminate floors are generally water-resistant but not waterproof. This is one of the primary reasons that it is not recommended for wet areas.

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