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All About Hybrid Vinyl Flooring in Melbourne

Over the years, there have been several innovations and improvements to vinyl flooring, though the best innovation to date has been hybrid vinyl flooring. Hybrid flooring has raised the bar higher for flooring as it is a combination of the best properties of vinyl and laminate flooring. With such impressive properties at an affordable price, it is rapidly becoming the preferred choice of flooring for all.

Is Hybrid Vinyl Flooring The Best Choice?

If you are looking for hybrid vinyl flooring in Melbourne, the most crucial factor to consider is the availability of patterns or designs. If you are looking for unique styles for your flooring, hybrid floors are your perfect choice. Our team is eagerly waiting to show you the best designs, patterns, and styles per your taste and budget. Our waterproof hybrid flooring solutions are durable and attractive in a way that will only enhance the aesthetics of your home!

Stores With Waterproof Hybrid Vinyl Flooring For Sale in Melbourne:

We have fantastic stores in Melbourne where we offer unbeatable prices and a range of exclusive designs. Some discounts always await you at our following stores:

1. Carrum Downs
2. Camberwell
3. Rosebud
4. Glen Waverley

Check out our vast and beautiful range of Hybrid Vinyl Flooring options:

Hybrid floorings are waterproof and hence are easy to clean and maintain. They have an aesthetically pleasing look that comes with long-lasting durability. All of which makes the interior of your home a timeless beauty.

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wet-hybrid   Hybrids tend to have two kinds of finishes:
  • Smooth finish: This type of hybrids are very smooth and can be slippery and hence not recommended for wet areas.
  • Embossed finish: This type of hybrids have a brushed texture which runs along the grains which improves their slip resistance and also attempts to imitate a timber’s texture.

Yes. Hybrid can be installed on other hard floors provided the surface is fairly flat without much variations. If there are variations then a floor prep may be needed. A floor prep can be done by adding a layer of leveling compound or using Masonite boards.

A hybrid flooring is made predominantly from PVC (vinyl) and limestone powder. Its expansion is the least compared to any other type of flooring.


  • Better resilience than laminates and other floating floors
  • Has great scratch resistance
  • 100% waterproof
  • Easy maintenance
  • Easy installation. The boards can be click-locked together
  • Built-in underlay.
  • Stable with temperature variations and waterproof


  • Compared to laminatesthey can be expensive
  • The subfloor needs to be fairly flatwithout bumpsor variations. If not, a floor prep is needed before hybrid installation
  • The click-lock systems are sensitive and needs to be installed with care. Once installed properly they can last several years.
  • Prolonged exposure to sunlight for several years can lead color variations/fading.

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