Roller Blinds

Roller Blinds

Are you looking for a new window treatment? Check out our range of roller blinds in Melbourne, Australia. They are perfect if your home needs an economical and easy way to block out harsh sunlight while still letting in some natural light!

When it comes to blinds, you can’t go wrong with a custom-made roller! There’s something perfect just waiting inside our store from the thousands of options available for colours and patterns. And because they’re low maintenance as well, they’ll save your family time by not having to press curtains or clean windows daily.

When it comes to decorating your home, there’s nothing more classic than a roller blind. From the kitchen and bathroom all the way up through bedrooms – you can’t go wrong with carefully designed roller blinds.

Our custom-made roller blinds are stylish and affordable so that everyone can access high-quality products without breaking their budget or compromising style needs. We offer dozens of fabrics options, which means every space will boast jaw-dropping beauty

How are Roller Blinds Measured?

  • Mounting roller blinds is a simple process that’s made easier with the right measurements. First, determine if you want an inside or outside mount fit based on your window style and needs for light blocking.
  • Second, decide what type of cover material best suits both style and function requirements—think about whether it needs sunlight filtering capabilities as well!
  • Then choose either recess fit (perfect if this arrangement won’t interfere too much during construction) OR arcfit, which allows full coverage without disrupting visual appeal due in part to its outward positioning

Functioning of Roller Blinds

Wondering how roller blinds work? Wonder no more!
Roller blinds are a simple and effective way to cover your window. The fabric is wrapped around a hollow tube, which you can rotate to lower the blind down your window. The ratchet holds the blind in place for times when you only want it part-way down, and the spring provides the correct amount of tension to the blind for a smooth operation.

Types of Roller Blinds

1.) Blockout Roller Blinds

Those who suffer from insomnia may find that blockout roller shades are an excellent choice for their bedrooms. Not only can they help improve sleep quality, but darkening your room on demand can actually extend its duration! It’s also worth considering if you need more privacy or wants less light in some situations. These types of window coverings will create a cozy atmosphere without any outside distractions getting through the barrier.Blackouts keep rooms warmer during winter when closed up tight before darkness sets in at night.

2.) Sunscreen Roller Blinds

What is the best way to beat this heat? Sunscreen blinds! These filters will keep your house cool, provide some light insulation and block out all those harmful UV rays. But did you know they come with extra benefits, too – like being anti-microbial so damp locations don’t grow mould or mildew faster?

3.) Light Filtering Roller Blinds

Living in the sunlight is great, but sometimes it’s nice to have some privacy. That’s where these gorgeous translucent fabric blinds come into play! These shades will block all light except for what you need – like rays filtering through an old tree or gentle morning mist rising from a streambed somewhere outside your window.

Why Should you Purchase Roller Blinds in Melbourne?

With a wide variety of blind options available in the market, choosing the ‘right one’ for your home can become daunting. Picking up blinds that are not only versatile but also of good quality narrows down the choice a fair bit.
When you compare roller blinds with other options, you will find them available in a larger variety of colours and textures. They demonstrate excellent quality and are easy to manage. We can install roller blinds in any home or commercial setting. Their sleek and attractive looks add to the aesthetic value of your home. Over the years, roller blinds have been a new and growing trend.

How Does the Roller Blind Installation Process Take Place in Melbourne?

We have broken down the steps from our roller blind installation process; they are mentioned below in detail:

-> Determine the placement of the blinds:

Roller Blinds can be placed inside the frames of your windows, which is known as “recess fitted” you can also install roller blinds on the frame of your window, which is referred to as “face fitted”. The first step is to mark the placement- For this, we place the frame over your window and arrange it as per the requirement, making pencil marks around the area you decide.

-> Measure the area:

Measuring is a significant step that will ensure the accurate installation of window blinds. To measure roller blind size, we take a measuring tape and note down the measurements while also making temporary markings for accuracy.

-> Installation of the brackets:

Once we get the measurement, we install the brackets that hold the blinds in two corners above the marks. Installing strong holding brackets is a core step during the roller blind installation process. Loosely installed brackets could lead to a disastrous collapse.

-> Attaching and usage:

We then attach the roller blind controller to the window bracket, allowing maximum ease of operation. After arranging everything, you can enjoy your window’s beautiful, sleek roller blinds.

Benefits of Having Roller Blinds:

  • Roller Blinds add to the aesthetic value of your home. They are a sleek and classy addition to your home’s decor.
  • Roller Blinds are easy to maintain and can be operated conveniently by people of all ages.
  • Roller Blinds are known for their durability and are comparatively less expensive than other available options in the market.
  • They offer a complete black-out option and are flexible as per your use.

Motorized Roller Blinds:

  • Many different types of solar shades protect homes from the sun’s harmful rays. Some may provide extra shade over windows or porches, while others operate with buttons on their own motorised controls;
  • With the push of a button, you can create your perfect ambience. Motorised roller blinds are convenient to use and maintain optimum functionality for years to come without needing heavy maintenance and repair. With roller blinds, you can control the access of natural light into your home and maintain privacy at the same time.
  • There are no cords to deal with, and these blinds rarely get damaged. With remote-controlled roller shades, you seamlessly transition your home into a private sanctuary without compromising comfort.
  • Nowadays, everyone is looking for ways to make their homes more modern and stylish. One of the best methods that you can use to do this is Remote Control Electric Roller Blinds; these gorgeous designs come with a remote control allowing users to raise/lower them as well as stop movement on command – all from far without ever having to touch any part of its surface! Whether your taste runs towards pastels or penalties (or maybe both!), we’ve got something here worth thinking about.

How can I control Motorized Roller Blind?

Handheld remotes are the most common way to control your motorised roller blinds, but there are also options for those who don’t want a small device on their person. The remote wall switch allows you full access while still being out of sight – perfect if losing track of time or getting distracted is an issue!

Features of Motorized Roller Blind?

  • Grid-connected motorized roller blinds are a great way to block unwanted light while sleeping.
  • The remote control allows for hassle-free operation, and the battery lasts up to at least 20 hours on one charge!
  • The battery-operated system doesn’t require an outlet, so there are no wires attached anywhere which means that this sleek design blends seamlessly into any décor while providing excellent security
  • The remote control, battery operated, and USB charger makes it easy to operate without an outlet nearby!
  • Improved home security using the app to schedule the blinds when you are out or away on holiday.
  • Use schedules to save energy.
  • Voice activation with Amazon Echo and Google Home.
  • Motorized blinds with battery motors can be operated anywhere from your mobile device, allowing you to have all the freedom.
  • With our electric roller blind series, you can turn your home into a smart home. Thanks to a wireless, fully rechargeable motor and a simple, user-friendly remote control, these blinds may be raised or lowered at the touch of a button.

Why Should You Hire Mike’s Carpet for Your Roller Blind?

With a well-experienced and highly trained team, we are known for our customer-satisfying services.
Visit our Melbourne stores to browse through our exclusive collection:

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Roller Blinds

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When you shop for roller blinds online, there are a few terms that may be unfamiliar. Front roll and back rolls indicate which direction the fabric will move when it gets off of the roller; front-rolled means "like water running downhill" while backs go "afront." Depending on your needs, you can choose between these two options--front versions won't interfere too much with knobs or winders but do restrict light more than others. In contrast, if someone wants total privacy from their windows, they should consider optimising using backheel ones!
We regret that there can sometimes be the rare occasion when your products may receive damage during transit. After receiving them, we ask you to inspect and report any imperfections within five days of delivery for a replacement with some pictures attaching; do not install an item with significant damages on it if delivered as well, Mike’s will not take responsibility for this case! Please send us photos along with detailed descriptions at, so our customer service team knows what needs fixing.
Since roller blinds are made from durable fabric, there are a variety of styles and colours available. At Mikes Carpet, we offer sunscreen-style roller shades that have been designed to protect your privacy while blocking UV rays with our specialized material. We also provide 100% blockout models for those who want complete darkness or contemporary textured options, which will add visual interest by emphasizing texture patterns found on various surfaces such as wood flooring.

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