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Vertical Blinds
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When you wish to exercise control over the amount of light and privacy in your surroundings, vertical blinds can help. These are a versatile option that work using an uncomplicated control wand mechanism. Such blinds are economical, user-friendly and can be used over anything from a small window to sliding doors.

Versatile and User-friendly Vertical Blinds in Melbourne

Privacy is necessary when you live in an urban apartment. Vertical blinds are used to control the amount of light and privacy in your surroundings. A versatile option that works using an uncomplicated, robust mechanism. Regardless of the time of the day, it becomes easy to reduce glare and regulate constant room lighting. These custom-made vertical blinds are economical, user-friendly and can be used over anything from a small window to sliding doors.

Give Your Home Complete Privacy with Vertical Blinds

Operating since 1975, Mike’s Carpet Discounters is a one-stop solution for all your residential, commercial, and industrial window covering needs. A good solution for large full-length glazing, like sliding or bi-fold doors. PVC free acrylic coating with anti-fade, easy to wipe clean and antifungal properties and plenty of colours to choose from. Curtains will give better light control, but blinds are more practical for optimum light control. For vertical blinds installation in Melbourne, contact us!

Beautifully Refined Vertical Blinds for Your Cozy Bedroom

Vertical blinds are an integral piece of a home’s interior- used effectively and stylishly across thousands of homes! Vertical Blinds also ensures total privacy while complementing your home decor, offering an unobstructed view when sliding open and imparting height and spaciousness. The varied contemporary shades polish the room. Vertical blinds are an ideal choice for homes, offices and living rooms. Request a free measure and quote today.

Timeless Yet Complementary Vertical Blinds

Enhance the ambience of your room and enjoy the freedom of complete privacy in your home with custom made vertical blinds. Sleek and modern-day design that delivers a dignified sense of aesthetic. An excellent option for bathrooms and kitchens too!

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Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are extensively used to cover large windows or sliding doors. They are installed 3 inches above the floor or window pane. The main advantage of these is that they offer an unobstructed view when slid open and also impart height and spaciousness.
Absolutely. Mike’s Carpet Discounter provides a range of vertical blinds that can be closed strategically to provide enhanced privacy without blocking out light completely. This provides you an opportunity to enjoy both privacy and brightness.
Unlike block out or coated vertical blinds, uncoated ones create a softer appearance and are more or less sheer in appearance.
Vertical blinds made using block out fabric can block out significant amounts of light. However, due to their panel structure, they cannot completely block out all light. Solid blinds such as roller blinds or blackout curtains can be used when you need your interiors to be completely devoid of light.

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