Gather, eyelet, knife pleat, rod pocket, triple pinch pleat and wavefold are some common styles that sheers are generally found in. You can consult Mikes Carpets Discounters to help you with the choosing and installing process.
Contrary to popular belief, sheers are easy to maintain. They only need to be kept away from water and harsh chemicals. In order to clean these, a low suction vacuum or feather dusters can be used. In case of staining, a damp cloth and mild soap instead of hard detergents will do the job. If you don’t understand how to clean your sheers, you can call our experts and we will do our best to help.
While there is no doubt that sheers look best in white, there are certain subtle and deeper colours that these are available in. The use of these may depend on the look of your interiors.
Sheers make your interiors look airy and romantic. They also give the illusion of increased height to a space. Apart from this, they add panache to any room.