Yes, like any other floor underlay performs some important functions:
  • Insulation from external noise and heat
  • Provides a moisture barrier to recede the dampness/moisture from reaching the floor boards
  • Covers up minor imperfections
  • Reduce the noise generated by foot-traffic
  • Required to cover manufacturer’s warranty
For subfloors with variations less than 1-2mm this can be overlooked but anything higher would need a floor-prep. If the subfloor has rough surface like concrete exposed it is recommended to prep the floor to improve its standard. This can improve the life span of any flooring.
solid timber
Engineered Timber Solid Timber Laminate
Only wear layer is genuine timber and other layers are processed timber Entire plank is solid timber It is completely processed timberwith a photographic layer on top
It can be sanded and polished few times depending on wear layer It can be sanded and polished multiple times It cannot be sanded or polished
Moderately expensive Most expensive Least expensive