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Quick-Step is the world’s leading manufacturer of luxury vinyl floors. We offer an extensive collection of high-quality, stylish and durable vinyl flooring that is easy to install and maintain. Our products are available in over 60 countries worldwide, so we can help you find the perfect fit for your home or business. With our wide range of styles, colours, patterns and textures – there’s something for everyone! You can even choose from different finishes like matte or gloss to create an elegant look with a touch of shine. And because they are made from 100% recyclable materials – it means less impact on the environment too.

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Feltex BP
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Feltex is committed to designing, creating and supplying high-quality, beautiful and sustainable floor coverings. As part of the Oceanic division of Mohawk Industries, Feltex belongs to a global network dedicated to helping you meet your project goals. Feltex has been in the business for over 150 years. They are committed to designing beautiful carpets that will last you a lifetime while also being sustainable for our environment.

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Godfrey Hirst is the leading carpets and hard flooring manufacturer in Australia and New Zealand. They are committed to sustainable design, which means we use only the highest quality materials that will last a lifetime. Their products are designed with your health and wellbeing in mind – so you can feel safe about where you live, work, learn or play. Their commitment to sustainability means we minimise negative environmental impacts at all stages of the product life cycle. You can rest easy knowing that your home is built on a foundation of healthy living and environmental responsibility.

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Quest Carpet
Quest LogoQuest Carpets are known for their high-quality carpets, and they’re the perfect choice if you want to add some style to your home. They have an extensive range of products that suit any budget or installation. All the products are made with care and attention to detail. Hence customers have trusted Quest Carpets over many years

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EC Carpet Logo

EC Carpets are specialists in manufacturing loop pile carpets founded on design, innovation, and colour. EC Carpets has an established and respected standing in the carpet industry, recognised nationally and internationally. For over 50 years, they have strived to be the carpet brand of choice for designers, architects and homemakers by understanding their needs better and delivering innovative, high-quality solutions to meet those needs.

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EC Capret BP

Cavalier Bremworth is known for providing attractive and nature-friendly carpets. With Bremworth, you can feel good about your purchase, knowing it was made with sustainable materials. And because they manufacture all their carpets, they have complete control over the entire process – from sourcing raw materials to designing and manufacturing finished products

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Preference Floor Logo
Preference Floors is a proud 100% Australian-owned company that specializes in the distribution of amazing flooring collections. They are available nationwide through their various warehouse locations. Mentioned below in detail are some of their product ranges that we proudly stock.

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Floortex Product
Floortex LogoFloortex is a leading brand in Australia offering latest technology high-quality flooring products. We at Mikes Carpets Flooring & Blinds Centre have been working with them to provide our customers with some of their most popular products, including Laminates and Vinyl Flooring. Our collaboration with Floortex has added a head-turning range to our collection that we are proud of. We offer a large selection of quality flooring solutions from some of the biggest name brands in the industry, all at affordable prices.

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Complete floors have added a unique authenticity to Mikes Carpets Flooring & Blinds Centre collection. You can choose from an extensive range of quality products that will help you make your home or office look its best. Whether you want to pick up something for the whole home or just one room, we have all the options available in our showroom. From traditional hardwood floors to contemporary tiles, we have it all.

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Teramatter BP
Terra Mater Logo
Terra Mater is passionate about developing, designing and producing supreme quality flooring. They specialise in timber, laminate and vinyl floorings, and have sourced the best materials from around the world to create products for your home and business. All the products have been designed to suit any interior, from authentic to contemporary. With an experience of over 30 years in the industry, they have more to offer than just flooring solutions. Terra Mater’s team of experts share their knowledge and expertise to create a flooring solution that will compliment your desired space.

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Airstep has been servicing the domestic and commercial building industries for over 40 years. We have an extensive range of Australian made carpet underlays and rigid flooring underlays manufactured from various materials. And best of all, 90% of our products are manufactured on-site at our head office in Melbourne, Australia. You can trust Airstep to deliver high-quality products that meet your needs every time.

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Sunstar Product
Sunstar Logo
Sunstar is an Australian company that has been manufacturing high-quality Hybrids and Timbers for decades. We are proud to be working with one of Australia’s leading manufacturers. Sunstar’s products are known for durability and comfort, which is why we have become so popular among homeowners across Melbourne.

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Australian Select Timbers brings you stylish, sustainable, sophisticated, and simply beautiful floors. Australian Select Timbers is committed to providing the highest quality flooring at affordable prices. We only use premium materials that will last for years with your home décor while making it easy on your wallet. Be it a designer appeal or sustainable products, our extensive collection caters to varied needs right. Along with impeccable service and dedication to customers, we pride ourselves on quality and longevity with all our products.

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Brintons logo1
Brinton’s commercial and residential carpets bring every space to life. Brintons has been at the front of the global woven carpet manufacturing industry. Carpets by Brintons have a long history of contributing to the world’s most beautiful interiors of palaces, hotels, restaurants, public buildings, convention centres, airports and cruise ships.

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We’re on a mission to bring you beautiful floors that will delight your heart and soul. We travel the world, exploring fascinating flooring for inspiration and we’ve had some incredible adventures! Every place has its own special magic which helps make our designs even more extraordinary than before. The designs are uniquely captured with intricate detail showcased beautifully that you will love all year round.

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Polyflor Logo1
Polyflor brings stylish, sustainable, sophisticated and simply beautiful floors. We are committed to providing the highest quality flooring at affordable prices. Polyflor has a wide variety of products for you to choose from. Whether it’s for an eco-friendly interior design or a modern appeal, the extensive range we stock has every variety that our customers need. Along with our dedication and service towards customers, we take pride in Polyfor’s workmanship.

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With cutting edge technology and leading scientific research, Gerflor designs, manufactures and markets innovative products that are eco-friendly. We supply world-renowned commercial flooring and residential flooring, wall coverings, surface protection, accessibility aid, sports surface and recreational vehicle markets. Gerflor’s dedicated team of professionals work at the forefront of our industry to cater to different customer needs.

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Redbook Brand Carpet1
Redbook Carpet LogoRedbook is a company committed to designing and creating high-quality, beautiful floor coverings that are also sustainable. Being in business for over 150 years, Redbook is an important player on the global network dedicated to helping you with your project goals with quality products.

With Redbook, finding the right carpet is easier than ever before! Choose from a wide range of colours and styles with confidence knowing all carpets are made in Australia.

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Redbook-Green-Carpets-Logo2Redbook Green is a company committed to designing and creating high-quality, beautiful floor coverings that are also sustainable. Choosing an Australian made Redbook Green carpet can make a world of difference to your home environment. Their extensive range of carpets is carefully designed and made in Geelong, Victoria, with performance, sustainability, and health at the forefront.

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