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Drapes or curtains are window covering solutions that are available in a range of styles, colours and materials. They control the amount of sunlight and heat that enters your home. Besides, they also add life and elegance to your drab space. Available in thick and thin varieties, these give your residence a personalised feel. Thicker curtains can also curtail winter draughts.

Curtains Infuse style into your home with curtains and blinds Liven up any room with curtains and drapes

How Does Installing Window Curtains Help in Changing the Look of Your Home?

It is no secret that window curtains can soften the look of your home. They also can be a game-changer for adding luxury to the look of your interior. But window curtains in Melbourne may have either gone unnoticed or not given much importance.

People either go for an overly decorative curtain with little functionality or the highly functional ones with almost no decorative aspects in their design. We at Mike’s carpet will walk you through the importance of window curtains in Melbourne, along with their benefits and styling.

Benefits of Window Curtain Installation in Melbourne

Filters out Direct Sunlight:

Direct sunlight pouring in from the window may be harmful to the skin and increase the amount of heat inside the home. Window curtains act as a layer of protection against direct sunlight.


Having a see-through window can restrict personal privacy. Window curtains are necessary for Australian homes and offices to add a classy touch while ensuring privacy is available when needed.

Insulated homes:

Some window curtains made from thicker insulating materials are meant to maintain the temperature inside the house on bright Australian summer days. A lot of electricity can be saved using insulated windows. They also help prevent noise from entering the house.

Enhance home decor:

We have window curtains available in various textures and colours. Installing window curtains enhances the interior of your home.

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We at Mike’s Carpet offer a wide range of products. From carpets to window covers, we have it all. A wide range of materials, colours, textures for all our products is available in the market. All our products are available online.

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Curtains Glides

The amount of privacy that curtains offer may vary. Sheer or normal versions may offer a moderate degree of light control and privacy. Meanwhile, blackout curtains not only block our light and offer complete privacy but also provide noise reduction.
Measuring the width of your window from the top can give you an idea about the size of rod that you need to get installed. Nonetheless, the process can be complicated. You can contact our qualified experts instead. They will guide you and help you choose the perfect size for your window.
There is no specified cost for curtains. The general rule is that the more the fabric used, the more is the price. Therefore, curtains that are bigger in size cost more. Additionally, curtain price also depends on factors such as the type of fabric used and patterns on it.
Curtains are versatile window covering solutions that can be installed anywhere with ease. Mike’s Carpet Discounters provides a range of curtains in different colours, fabrics, sizes, lengths and so on. These can also be customised to match your interiors.

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