Conditions Of Sale

  1. Goods ordered are payable on completion irrespective of any other goods, invoices, or dealings with Mike’s Carpet Discounters.
  2. Deposits paid are not transferable to other invoices and any other deposits held cannot be used for payment of this account.
  3. No refund of deposit after acceptance of contract.
  4. Any carpet that has been cut prior to installation at our workrooms can not be cancelled and full payment of the contract will be required (less underlay and installation charges).
  5. Dye variations of carpet from samples cannot be guaranteed. Any great variation will be taken up with the manufacturer but payment of contract by the customer cannot be withheld from Mike’s Carpet Discounters.
  6. Mike’s Carpet Discounters will adhere to delivery promises where possible but late deliveries from manufacturers will not cause reason for cancellation of contract.
  7. Your personal information may be stored by us for use by us and you hereby consent for that. You hereby agree to receive information, promotional and communications of like nature from us.
  8. Carpet will not be pattern matched. Unless specified by customer. Due to shrinkage or stretch during and after manufacture of carpet is unavoidable, therefore a perfect pattern match can not be guaranteed and some irregularities still may be visible.
  9. Our default underlay for rental properties and builders range is 7mm thick foam underlay and for residential properties is 8mm thick foam underlay. Only if specially requested by the customer, an upgrade at a cost can be provided to the customer selected underlay.
  10. Shading may occur on plush and twist piles. Mike’s Carpet Discounters will not be held responsible for any shading complaints which may arise.
  11. Reasonable care is taken by installers to avoid scratches to skirting boards and painted surfaces. Customer to arrange touch ups at his own cost is the event of scratches.
  12. Payment on completion of work. Contract balance to be paid by bank cheque or cash. All credit card payments will incur extra charges.
  13. Unless specified, Polypropylene products may not be fire rated.
  14. The purchaser agrees to charge all real property owned by it to the vendor to secure monies owned and interest which shall accrue from the date of invoice at prevailing bank overdraft rates.
  15. Customer to ensure access to premises on the day of installation.
  16. Customer to ensure availability of electricity at the premises on the day of installation.
  17. Customer to ensure there is sufficient clearance under the doors. Doors to be removed and replaced by customer and / or door bottom shaved, if required.
  18. Furniture to be removed and replaced by customer, unless otherwise agreed. No responsibility is accepted by Mike’s Carpet Discounters for any damage which may occur. Although all reasonable care will be taken.
  19. Customer to ensure existing carpets are taken up, unless otherwise agreed.
  20. Pull up of existing floor covering, moving of Furniture and floor preparation charges quoted are based on minimum work required. If the work is more involved, extra charges will apply.
  21. All efforts are made to prep. the floor prior to installation of Vinyl or Carpet on Tiles / other floors. Despite floor prep. show through of tiles/ other floor after installation is sometimes unavoidable and not considered a defect covered under warranty.

All workmanship carried out by Mike’s Carpet Discounters is guaranteed for 12 months. We thank you for your order.