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Blends Carpets

Blends Carpets

World of carpets

Made from different natural and man-made fibres, carpets enrich the look of your accommodation. Woollen carpets are manufactured from naturally obtained wool while man-made synthetic fibres are used to make nylon, polypropylene carpets. Each of the carpet types has its own speciality. Carpets can also be made from the mixture of two or more types of materials so that the desired quality and style of carpet is produced.

Blend Carpets: Making a difference

As said, carpets can even be manufactured by mixing different types of materials. These types of carpets being prepared by blending two or more suitable materials are known as blend carpets. Fine blending techniques are used to blend woollen and synthetic fibres which result in improved quality product. Synthetic fibres like nylon and polypropylene are used to blend with woollen fibres.

Blended Woollen Carpets in demand

Woollen fibres have great durability and are easily available in stock. Dying them is also an easy process. Blending increases the life span of woollen carpets. Blended woollen fibres are extensively used in preparing modern carpets. The most common proportion for preparing woollen blend fibre for carpets is 4:1 ratio of woollen to synthetic fibre. These carpets are less expensive as compared to pure woollen carpets as the proportion of the synthetic fibre reduces the costing. Blended woollen carpets have turned a rage because of their:

  • Low costing
  • High durability
  • Same elegant look as woollen carpets

Mike’s Collection

Mike’s carpet provides an exclusive range of high quality woollen blend carpets at a very viable cost. Now you can give a woollen look to your accommodation, far better than having a mere nylon carpet, at a reasonable cost using Mike’s blend carpets. With Mike’s Carpet you get a varied range of Blend Carpets to enhance the look and feel of your accommodation.

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