Get into know how the carpet is constructed

Get into know how the carpet is constructed

Have you ever imagined how your beautifully carved carpets are constructed? If no, get into know it now, because it is really interesting and useful to know the stuff.

May be you need to know it in future for any reason, so why not have a look at some words of introduction here!

Basically speaking, there are three types of carpets produced in Australia. This includes woven carpets, tufted carpets and modular carpets. All of these three types of carpets have their own materials and methods to get constructed. We will see each one step by step.

Woven Carpets

One of the most common types of carpets found in and around Australia is Woven Carpets. Whether it is your home or office or an auditorium, a woven carpet makes real difference to the look and feel of the place. But how are these woven carpets are constructed?

There are many carpet (Carpets Melbourne) manufacturers who design and manufacture woven carpets. Generally, woven carpets are made by massive looms that weave together ‘bobbins’ of carpet yarn and backing. The most popular woven carpets used today is the Axminster carpets, which is widely in use by most hotels and entertaining/leisure places including cinema halls etc.

Tufted Carpets

Tufted Carpets are another way of constructing carpets. In this type of construction, cloth of the carpet is constantly passed through massive sewing machines having a long bar containing hundreds of individual needles carrying the carpet yarn through the eye. The sewing machine’s needles insert yarn into the backing cloth, the needles withdraw and a small hook holds the yarn to form a loop on the underside of the cloth which will become the ‘use’ surface of the carpet. Then adhesive like synthetic latex is applied to the primary backing and finally, another backing fabric is joined to make the carpet more stable to give it the final look. Tufted Carpets are generally found in homes.

Hand Knotted

Carpets Manufacturers still love Hand Knotted carpets in Australia. Hand Knotted carpets are in use since very long. The basic difference in between hand knotted carpets and machine produced carpets is in hand knotted carpets, each weave is knotted and tied, while in machine produced carpets, the threads are often just loomed and held together by glue or adhesive. This is one of the reasons why hand-knotted carpets are tougher and more durable than factory made carpets, however this doesn’t mean that machine made carpets are weak and are not durable. They too have fine qualities of strength and durability.

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