Get into know latest trends in Home Flooring

Get into know latest trends in Home Flooring

Fashion is universal! Everything we do today has its own fashion and trend. Be it our clothes or ornaments or shoes or anything else! And home decoration is no exception! When we speak about home decoration, first thing we consider is flooring of the home. The design, look and style of flooring can make or break the look of the home. There are many variants in flooring solutions including carpet, vinyl flooring, timber flooring, floating floor etc.

So what are latest trends in these home flooring solutions in and around Australia? Let’s take a look at some of the latest and in-demand trends for carpets, timber flooring, Vinyl Flooring and other flooring solutions.


Carpet is the most common and most popular form of flooring solution widely used by people around Melbourne and other parts of Australia. One of the greatest reasons for such popularity of carpets is that there are numerous patterns and colors of carpets available to suit your homes’ own look and color to make it a perfect match! Be it your choice for a woolen or a nylon carpet, you can find one that will complement your lifestyle and decor perfectly. Latest trends in Carpets in Australia show that Dark, rich and bold are in demand with Checks and Stripes pattern over it.

Vinyl Flooring

Greatest advantage for Vinyl Flooring is that it is easy to install and easier to maintain. Vinyl Flooring is simply a best idea to add some artistic and creative look to your home. Latest trends in Vinyl flooring involve designer flooring patterns with stylish and modern designs. Natural designs, Environment friendly design patterns are in demand in Vinyl Flooring.

Timber Flooring

One reason why timber flooring is so popular across Australia is the fact that Timber Floors are so comfortable and suitable to the living condition of Australians. The current trend for Timber Flooring indicates that red and brown and cream colors Timber Flooring are in-demand. Apart from these colors, natural colored design of timber flooring is also very popular among Australians and especially Victorians. Since timber flooring does not absorb and catch dust it is highly advisable for those who have health issues like allergies and asthma etc.

Whatever type of Flooring solution you select, be careful in selecting a suitable and sustainable flooring option. Each of the flooring solutions types mentioned above has its own specialties and characteristics hence it is advised you to consult your nearest Carpets Flooring solution provider to get best matching deal for you!

Disclaimer: as we are not aware of your exact situation,  please take this advice general only.  Each situation may be different,  and accordingly, specific solutions may be tailored.

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