Steal the Show with the Carpets in Vogue

Steal the Show with the Carpets in Vogue

Carpets can make your feet feel mellowed with their warmth and mild touch. These days, it is becoming a hard nut to crack for picking and shelling out money to purchase the right carpet. The range of carpets has been revamped with many attributes such that they add a new dimension to your interiors. The onus is on you to make the choice.

Nevertheless, here are a few suggestions to help with in selecting carpets:

Audacious colours and patterns

Talking of colours, there is always a generic opinion to use plain, solid and un-patterned colour tones. This is a safe judgement which works well. But these days there are many designers and homeowners have chosen to swim against the current by using bold and vaulting colours. Multi-coloured and graphical patterns are turning out to be a hot boom in the market. This might just add the bold statement to your office or home interiors.

Eco friendly fibres

If you are cognizant with the environment, eco-friendly carpets might be the first one to get shortlisted on your list. Sisal and wool have carved out a name for themselves with their appealing looks. Sisal adds exotic textures while wool is known for its sophistication. Wool also has good dust trapping capability and thereby cleanses the air. Carpets made out of these natural fibres are a tad bit more expensive than the usual man made/synthetic ones but their durability is comparatively better.

Immunity to tarnishing

Pets and children at home always make the carpet prone to spillage. This might cause some dis-colouring or tarnishing of the carpet fibre. However, there is no need to feel the pinch as the enticing touch and the look of your carpet can be saved. Molecular level treatments have come up and these preclude the stains and dirt from affecting your carpet fibre.

These are also good for the safety of your family and pets as these treatments result in less Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) on your carpet.

Overall, these prevent stains and keep the cleaning as easy as a piece of cake. Avail these as it is to be better safe than sorry with anything uneventful happening to the charm of your room.

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