Taking care of your Vinyl Floors!

Taking care of your Vinyl Floors!

Let your vinyl floors retain their charm for longer following the useful cleaning tips!

Vinyl floors have brought in a new change in the field of home decor and flooring solutions. It happens to be low maintenance requiring type and can be kept in good form for a long time.

However, despite its resilience, it is very important to know the ways through which you can take proper care of them thereby helping them stay in healthy for a considerable time. Here check out some useful tips that will help you out in the desired manner:

Opt for regular cleaning

Make it a habit to clean it on a regular basis using warm water and any mild soap. While doing so, always follow the manufacturers’ instructions. You will have to get used to the regular cleaning process if you want the floor surface to stay glossy and flawless every time. Refrain from using the heavy duty detergent to wipe off the dirt that accumulates over a period. Instead, use the milder ones and follow a routine cleaning method.

Don’t let the stain to pile on

When the stain is fresh, it becomes much easier to remove it. Letting it stay there for long will only double the trouble. Small stones and the dirt particles can damage the surface of your vinyl floors, eliminate the shiny finish and make it more prone to accumulation of dust and dirt in the scratches so made.

Be cautious of the excess soap and quick finishes

The shine of your vinyl floors will get diminished due to the layer of residue created by soap and the products containing wax such as mop-and-wax products. Make use of the right products, and whenever you have to use the soap, rinse the floor using a clean mop and never leave the excess water on the floor surface.

Note: Vinyl floors are resistant to water but that doesn’t mean you have to drench it completely to clean. Upon leaving the excess water for self drying, has the possibility of filtering down and affecting both the substrate and the glue that keeps your new vinyl floor from bursting open. Ensure using a mop that is damp enough to dry any spills.

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