Timber Flooring Information and FAQs

Timber Flooring Information and FAQs

You might have come across timber flooring and you might also have installed and be using timber floors at your home or office. Or simply you might be looking for timber flooring system to be installed at your home or office.

But at the same time, there are a number of questions related to timber floors in your mind and you would be looking to its answers. So here we come to you and answer your questions and give you basic information about timber flooring.

What type of timber flooring should I choose and use?

There are a number of types of timber flooring available in the market. Each one is different and it is important to choose the best suited timber floor on an individual basis. Best way to choose the type of timber floor is to contact a professional timber floors.

Can I install my timber floors myself?

Generally there are a number of options available to get your timber floor installed by the professional timber floor experts. But if you wish to install it yourself, then yes you can. By using proper tools and some skills you can easily get your timber floor installed at your place.

Are solid timber floors structural?

All 19mm solid flooring is structural meaning they can be laid at no more than 450mm centers over batons, bearers and joists and of course over an existing structural floor.
Can a new timber floor be installed over any existing wooden floorboards?

Almost yes! Many timber flooring products would suit this kind of installation.

Is it possible to stick the floorboards directly to the concrete?

Generally, this should not be done. However, if a qualified and competent installer is used, it is okay. But it should be noted here that the concrete slab must be very level, and appropriate adhesives.

Should I use battens or plywood under my timber floor boards?

Batten is a cheap and affordable option and can be leveled easily, however this system sometimes creates a hollow effect. Plywood is much better underfoot giving a more solid feel.

Will moisture make any affect on timber floor?

It is important to note that your environment be tested prior to installing any timber floors. The variant type of atmosphere and moisture are the main causes of floors failing or performing badly.

Apart from the questions-answers and information given here, if you have any other questions or want to know something more about timber floors and want to install a new set of timber flooring system at your place, you may contact timber flooring melbourne store for more details.

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