Explore the wide world of Carpets!

Explore the wide world of Carpets!

The different carpet types and their uses!

wild-carpets-world As carpets in Victoria have turned to be most fashionable and popular flooring choice, most people are now available of the various types existing in the market.
There are innumerable rugs and carpets, differing by colour, texture, fashion and material. They even have a function.

Some of the carpets in Victoria are meant for decoration only; some are set in the high traffic areas while a few others are made to be defiant. You can even come across the wall-to-wall carpets or just the area rugs, which are chiefly for design.

Let us just explore the world of carpets and review some of the most popular carpet types. This will even help you know the pros and cons and each type and the best one fit for your home. Here we go:

Frieze: This is basically used in high traffic area and is very defiant to blemishes, spills and vacuum spots. You can effortlessly hide all of these unlikable things on the rug. It can be figured out by its short and curly fibers.

Shag: It used to be highly popular in the 1960s and this is why the modern collection too has a retro appeal.

Saxony: They are quite soft and are mostly used in semi-formal occasions. These are made from twisted pile.

Berber: This type is made of both natural and synthetic fabrics. It is very defiant and enduring carpet, which in the natural form is made from wool.

Velvet or plush: They are typically smooth, supple and tender. People majorly use them for official events and stylish settings.

Now that you have explore the different types of carpets in Victoria, pick the one you feel will enhance the beauty of your house the most!

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