Review of timber floors by Interior decor experts

Review of timber floors by Interior decor experts

For sorting out dilemmas regarding the choice of wooden floors, the best advisors would be flooring experts or interior decor specialists. Giving you an insight of the fashion quotient, Interior experts put light on advantages and drawbacks of timber floors.

Giving a rational view of the whole flooring scenario, they prove to be ideal guidance for layman.

Interior experts suggestions in favour of wooden floorings are as follows:

timber_floorsFashionable floors: Wooden floors have high glamour quotient due to their variety of designs, colours and  textures. Glossy finish gives these floors a hot and chic appeal. As far as looks and beauty is concerned these floors get a 9 on 10 from home decor experts.

Pretty penny: The price range of these floors are a little higher than contemporary floors but the kind of appeal these offer is matchless. So, opting for them might prove a little higher on budget but when you think about tenacity, these floors outperform others by their lasting life span and timelessness.

Luxury to the hilt: Timber floors are certainly an aristocratic choice with their royal look and native appeal. They are an excellent mix of traditional appearance and modish appeal. Looking like floors worth their weight in gold, these floors showcase an affluent side.

The flip side suggested by experts can be jotted down as follows:

Installation problems: Timber floors require nailing the base floor which can damage the sub floor. Moreover, it is very cumbersome at the time of uninstallation. This proves more expensive as you need to mend the base floor while changing the flooring solution.

Climatic behaviour: With the changes in climate the wood might shrink, expand or crack. These issues can be sorted out by choosing engineered wood from a trader who guarantees high quality. Thus,  compared to other floors timber squeezes more money.

These suggestions must be kept in mind before making your mind for wooden floors. Though when we talk about over all effect, these floors are a certainly good option and can can accentuate the style of the house. So, check, think and decide!!

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