Teaming Up the Right Furniture with your Timber Floors!

Teaming Up the Right Furniture with your Timber Floors!

How to make your furniture complement your timber flooring?

timber-floorsOften people get confused when it comes to selecting the right furniture type for their timber floors. Those who are inclined towards timber flooring, fail to make out whether they should go for a lot of furniture or keep it minimal.

Some stick to a limited set of furniture just to accommodate timber flooring while many give up on their dreams of installing the same in the awe of decorating their abode with some unique furniture. Well, home decor experts state that you don’t necessarily need to worry about the two till the time you possess the right knowledge of striking the right balance amidst them.

Here check out the tips that will help you create an enticing environment with the two:

Light in weight

Abrasion is one of the most common issues faced by the homeowners and this generally happens when the furniture is moved quite often. This leaves the floor quite dull and the best thing to solve this issue is to lift the furniture while moving them out. Also, choose for furniture that are light in weight so that no dragging is required.

Furniture pads

Make use of the furniture pads to cut down the risk of abrasions. Even if the furniture is not moved, the legs tend to leave an ugly mark. The furniture pads are mostly made of felt, or rubber and get thinner upon being flattened due to heavy weights. Just replace them in order to keep your timber floors stay protected.

Darker or lighter in colour

The other common issue faced with timber floors and furniture is colour matching. Many feel that their house will look dull if they opt for timber flooring. Contrary to the belief, this mainly depends on the type of timber and colour being chosen. Choosing the lighter shades will help your house look brighter.

The interior designing experts suggest choosing darker furniture than your timber floors in order to maintain balance. This will make the floor appear lighter, thereby overruling any possibility of gloominess. In case you wish to use a lighter shade for furniture, you must match it with the floor base.

Taking care of these useful tips you will certainly be able to bring your furniture and timber flooring in sync with one another.

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